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Police Department of Oley Township

Contact Information

Address: One Rose Virginia Road, Oley, PA 19547
Telephone: 610-987-6656 Fax: 610-987-3785
Berks Co. Communication Center: 610-655-4911
Emergency: call 911

Chief David White
Detective Corporal John Verno
Officer Michael Lentz

Specialized Units
Accident Specialist
Bike Unit - three officeers
Council on Chemical Abuse - Tobacco Compliance
Education Presentations - affiliated with all four schools in district
Firearms Instructor
Narcotics Enforcement - several officers are part of the Berks Co. Drug Task Force
Traffic Safety and Enforcement

Oley Police Department Mission Statement
The mission of the Oley Police Department is to affirmatively promote, preserve, and provide as much as practicable, and given existing resources, a feeling of security and safety among all persons within our agency's jurisdiction.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Does the Oley Police Dept. offer fingerprint services to the public?
A: We do provide such a service for those in need of fingerprinting as a basis for employment, adoption, etc. We do require a fee of $10.00. Please contact us to set up an appointment for this service.

Q: Does the Oley Police Dept. provide vacation notices?
A: Yes. We ask residents to notify our dept. of your vacation departure and return. The officer will ask you a number of questions so as to best serve your needs when you are away. For example, the officer may ask about the number of cars in the driveway, lights on in the house, an emergency contact number and so forth. You may also download, complete and hand in a vacation form.

Q: Can I request a copy of a police report?
A: Our fee for an accident report or police report is $15.00. Please contact the Oley Police Dept. to arrange for the request. Please include all pertinent information such as the date, names of persons involved, and accident number, if possible. Due to criminal history laws, some reports are not available for release.

Q: How do I register my alarm system with the township?
A: All homeowners and businesses are recommended to have their alarm systems registered with the Oley Township Police Dept.
Download a Business Alarm form.
Download a Residential Alarm form.

Q: How do I report a crime?
A: If it is an emergency, call 911 immediately. Non-emergency calls can go through the Berks Co. Communications Center at 610-655-4911 or through the Oley Police station 610-987-6656.

Q: Where and how do I pay for a citation?
A: Both traffic and non-traffic citations are handled through our District Justice Office, 23-3-03, with Judge Victor Fredrick. His mailing address is PO Box 18, 26 Scholl Dr., Oley, PA 19547. The office is located directly across from the Oley Car Wash. See it via Google Maps.

Q: I suspect I am a victim of identity theft. What can the police do for me?
A: Contact us at the station. We will give you information on who to contact and what forms need to be filled out. If you feel you are a victim, please contact us as soon as possible. This will ensure that proper measures can be taken to stop all transactions regarding your accounts.

Q: Do you have an animal control officer?
A: At this time, we do not have one. We also do not have any facilities to accomodate lost or stray animals. We do respond or investigate animal incidents; however, the Animal Rescue League of Berks Co. is sometimes better equipped to handle such incidents. Their answering service number is 610-373-8766.

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